Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A poem a la Silverstein

In one of my ESL lessons we read a couple of poems by Shel Silverstein and my 12 year old student tried her hand at poetry inspired by his work. The results simply tickled me, here's a sample for you to see ;)

I know I'm being a fool,
But I just can't go to school.
Although my friends are there,
My teacher's impossible to bear.
Oh, my darling mom,
Please stay calm;
For when you're mad,
It makes me so sad.
Fine, oh fine, I'll go.
But I will go slow.


Vi said...

nice :))))

abhishek said...


misty said...


Anonymous said...

very good:)

Tista said...

:) I felt so strangely proud. And no, the teacher mentioned in the poem is not me! :D

Anonymous said...

hm .. etai to !!