Sunday, November 8, 2009


There was supposed to be a flash mob near the Red Square yesterday. A month before the UN Copenhagen conference of Dec 7, a group of Muscovites had arranged to stand near the square, open up umbrellas under a clear sky and wonder what weather they might predict for the future. The choice of day was unfortunate, coinciding with Veteran's Day activities. A tight cordon of police officers blocking all access to the area, including the crossings and the actual Red Square and surrounding spaces, made getting to the scheduled spot impossible as a Communist Party procession blocked the entire road for a few kilometers (who knew there were so many of them still in Russia?!). The message? Political ideological struggles take precedence over worries about climate change, and the hundreds of pro-communist protesters were far more organized and visible than the handful of scattered people with umbrellas.


Vi said...

mda :(

cringe-all said...

the wiki entry on "flash mobs" also mentions the difficulties in coordnating such events, since they're after all supposed to be only loosely coordinated..

Sourav said...

"Veteran's Day!"
Did they call it by the same name on the other side of the curtain!
Sometimes the supoerpowers (or the erstwhile ones) look so much the same.