Saturday, February 21, 2009

How I Got so Black and Blue

I see you wondering, when you look at my knee
for the sight is certainly quite plain to see
there are bumps, there are lumps, a scratch or two
How did I get so black and blue?

It's winter you know
the street's full of snow
there's even some ice here and there
While talking a walk
I was crossing a park
When I most definitely got a scare

I was returning home
and chatting on the phone
while munching on a tasty snack
I was taking a shortcut
through a small park, but
suddenly, there was a crack

I was climbing a fence -it was small
I would save me some time, I was wrong
well I slipped and I fell
and the marks here can tell
the impact was certainly strong

I swear I've ammended my ways,
I still take the shortcut these days
But now when I walk, I don't also talk
and my hands are ready, I'm as stable as rock
I step over carefully, I focus, not laze
and attempt to avoid further shock.


Vi said...

like it

Tista said...

thanks :)

cringe-all said...

Those who play'n jest with fire,
are wont to have a finger burnt.
Of monkeying around you never tire,
Of this there wasn't a lesson learnt.

The very next week you took yourself
aclimbing a sheer rock shelf
and while hanging inverted like a bat
preened and grinned like a cat

Then one day will come a great fall
But you'll merely bounce like an elastic ball
You'll feel silly and you'll feel rage
but li'l pain for you're all cartilage!

apologies for my maladroitness in organizing text inside a comment box.

Tista said...

I'll grow one day,
Even up, they say
but come what may,
Grow old? Nay!


Anonymous said...

really nice, about Moscow :)